Floating Rocks

Quivering on this floating rock
we’re coasting along the Milky Way,
and sexually I’m lacking trust,
It never went too far anyway.
he said only I can cure myself
from this psychiatric zoo.
I’m a man in a man-made universe,
and it happens to us too.

So dirt-filled ant-holes
crawling down my skin,
putrid, spoiled flesh, burning from within.
My right hand’s tingling,
it’s begging me to itch.
Scratch and I lose the war,
forget about my battle wins.

Teach me to fight the man,
(well hold up, I am a man)
Train me in self-defense,
(who do I fight against?)
We’re dethroning colonies
of red-ants like autumn leaves,
it pains me when symphonies play
death sounds at only three.

And I hear the teardrops sounding.
They’re pounding on windshields.
Salt-wash in road-side sewers.
I left my sorrows battered on the freeway.

Now twenty-one and barely older,
poison’s knocking on my front door,
like a girl that wants my number,
Just one shot, now it’s twenty more.
And on the lawn’s my inhibitions,
Dear God, is this happiness?
Grandma’s singing happy birthday,
I’m a fool in the bar that I’m dancing in.

Quivering on this floating rock,
and sexually I’m lacking trust,
Mayor John turns the city keys,
pretty sure I’m a self-made chess piece.
Deployed on the ship that still haunts me.
There go the sounds of World War 3.
Hey aliens, can you see me bleed?
If the earth is so small,
are my problems cells to you?



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